Page 37 – 57 | Musa Saleh, Aliyu Mohammed Malami, Nafiu Mahmood Alhaji, Saidu Umar Mohammed

DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.41.04


World Health Organization experienced some many challenges during COVID-19 outbreak. Globally, as of 26 June 2020 there have been over 9, 413, 280 confirmed cases of corona virus including 482, 730 deaths. This paper assessed the challenges facing World Health Organization in the 21st century particularly on COVID-19 pandemic. The study adopts descriptive research design. A secondary source such as newspapers, reports, published and unpublished journals was utilized. The data was subjected base on thematic content analysis and categorization in line with the research objective. The study findings confirmed that the way and manner World Health Organization handle COVID-19 has caused internal political crisis across the globe. For instance, protest in Brazil, Nigeria, US among others over the eased of lockdown and stay at home policies. The study findings also indicate that America and Madagascar officially withdrew their membership because the criticized World Health Organization as acting likes political organization. Brazil also threatened to pull out over ideological bias. Therefore, the study concluded that medical crisis, lack of fund, racism among others have been trailing within World Health Organization. The study recommends that world attention should be focus on regional health agencies in order to end globalization and isolationism.

Keywords: New world order, Covid-19, Corruption, Pullout, Racism

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