Page 1 – 15 | Mohamad Shahbani Sekh Bidin, Fuziah Shaffie

DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.41.01


Unmarried pregnant adolescents occur in female adolescents between the ages of 10 and 19. It is a global endemic, which is currently a problem in Malaysia. The increase of unmarried pregnancy among adolescents is not to be taken lightly. Other than grappling with the risk of physical health and psychological, the female adolescents involved are also exposed to the lack of education, limited employment opportunities, stigma and discrimination as this problem is profoundly sensitive in Malaysia. Besides, the consequences of unmarried pregnancy give a major concern that leads to the issue of baby dumping and illegitimate children. If this problem is left unaddressed with appropriate intervention, the female adolescents will have a low quality of life and disrupted function in society. Thus, it is essential to understand the problem of unmarried pregnant adolescents that is seen as inevitable. Because of that, this paper attempts to discuss the factors associated with unmarried pregnant adolescents in Malaysia.

Keywords: Unmarried pregnancy, female adolescent, Malaysia

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