Page 1 – 17 | Suraji, Muhamad Ali Embi

DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.31.01


This study aims to investigate in depth the capacity building of regional expansion and its success. Basically the policy of regional expansion is a policy to provide the best service to the community and the welfare of the region. The issues have arisen when the expansion of areas are not in accordance with the initial objectives of the submission of regional expansion. Especially, the issues related to the development of regional institutional capacity such as a weak quality of regional apparatus resources and regional institutions become crucial to be seen.  This study used case study as qualitative approach through semi-structured interview of seven participants from various levels and professions that affected in regional expansion. In this context, this study requires the development of good institutional and quality of local apparatus resources that focused on the aspect of the placement of regional apparatus in the expansion area that is vital to be explored. As a result, this study gives the implications in terms of improving the quality of human resources and regional management, encouraging local governments to run in accordance with good governance. The inception of the region into an autonomous region requires the role of resource personnel who are reliable, intelligent, innovative, competent, and educated and well-rounded.

Keywords: Capacity Building, Resource Area, Regional Expansion, Indonesia, Case Study

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