Page 33 – 42 | Nur Izzati Liyana Binti Azizan, Zaheruddin Bin Othman, Ruslan Bin Zainuddin
DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.24.03

This paper seeks an understanding to the Liberal Islamic that related to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Malaysia. Sister In Islam (SIS) is chosen because it is an established NGO in Malaysia during the late 1980s and SIS were related to Liberal Islam. In addition, its attempts to clarify the link between Sister In Islam and Non-governmental Organization (NGO), which is seen as one of the bodies that fought women and Islam in line with the emergence of Liberal Islam in Malaysia today. This is due to the reality of multi-racial and religious communities in Malaysia that facilitates the spread of Liberal Islam. In this paper, to analyze the data, the model has been modified by using primary data and secondary data through field study and library study. In addition, the available data collected as well as interview methods were also conducted to obtain additional information. Hence, this paper provides knowledge about Liberal Islam to community and it is as a guidelines to every Non-Goverment Organization (NGO) established to comply with the norms and sensibilities of society in Malaysia.

Keywords: Liberal Islam, Sister In Islam (SIS), Non-Government Organization (NGO)

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