Page 78 – 88 | Nur Izzati Liyana Binti Azizan, Zaheruddin Bin Othman, Ruslan Bin Zainuddin
DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.23.06


The Sisters In Islam (SIS) volume in producing opinions and suggestions on various issues pertaining to Muslim women in particular has placed SIS among the women’s emancipation group in Malaysia. This can be seen through the main objective of the establishment of SIS, which is to depict and develop a framework of women’s rights in Islam that takes into account women’s experience and reality. This paper focuses on Islamic Muslim women’s issues in Malaysia. The main objectives is regarding the women Islamic issues that are related to Sisters In Islam in Malaysia as a focus. This study attempted to explain the role of Sisters In Islam’s approach as one of the bodies that fought women in Malaysia today. The methodology that was used by analyzing qualitative data research that includes in-depth interview, primary and secondary data. Secondary documentation study is done through the data accessed from various libraries, websites, newspapers and magazines.

Keywords: Sister In Islam (SIS), Non-Government Organization (NGO), Women’s right, Gender Equality

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