Page 15 – 32 | Nur Khairina Muhamad Husin, Ahmad Martadha Mohamed

DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.24.02


Savings among Malaysians are critically low due to many factors that affect their savings behavior especially among the Malays employees. Based on the research conducted previously, it has been identified that the culture can shape the individual patterns of behavior. Therefore, this study will determine the relationship between cultural factors with the attitude towards savings among Malay employees in Malaysian public sector by looking at the financial literacy aspect as one of the component of the culture. For the sampling technique, a random selection of employees in Malaysian public sector will be applied in this study. Overall, this study aims to obtain total of 860 respondents to be participated in this study. Hence, this study provides knowledge about the culture of savings among the Malay employees in Malaysian public sector employees and enables both individuals and the government to identify the best solution to deal with insufficient savings that can secure their life in future.


Keywords: Culture, Financial Literacy, Attitude Towards Savings

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