Page 16 – 30 | Yusuf Nasidi, A.M. Kamaruddeen, L. S. Barau, M. B. Nuhu

DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.23.02



This paper examines the relationship between centralization and construction waste disposal in construction waste management. A quantitative method of survey was adopted for this study. A total of 310 questionnaires were distributed personally to project-based organization managers in Abuja Nigeria, out of which 178 were returned   and used for data analysis, yielding 57.4 percent response rate. Structural equation model, Partial least square (PLS-SEM 2.0) was employed for data analysis. The Cronbach’s Alpha value for the variables ranging from 0.855 to 0.909 indicates a very good reliability of the research instrument. The findings show that centralization has significant and positive relationship with construction waste disposal with the t value of 14.950 at 5% significant level. Both practical and theoretical contributions have been achieved in this study; the theoretical contribution is the extension of the existing literature about centralization – construction waste disposal. The practical contribution is that centralization and construction waste disposal is statistically significant and positively related.

Keywords: Centralization, Construction Waste Disposal

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