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DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.21.01


The Sri Lanka war takes time to end 30 years as well the war directly affected the geographical area of North and East in Sri Lanka. End of the war the Sri Lankan government introduced the development projects under name of ‘Northern Spring’ and ‘Eastern Reawakening. The Northern spring development project belongs to the Northern part of Sri Lanka and the Eastern Reawakening project belongs to the east part of Sri Lanka development. The Eastern Reawakening development project includes the all developmental process of the eastern province of Sri Lanka. In this project included the Eastern province children’s educational development. In this paper examine the problem of Vakarai children’s educational activities in the post-conflict scenario. The purpose of this paper is how the children get involved in the education? What kind of the difficulties are they facing to get the school education? How the relationship between the teachers and parents? How are the children behaving among their peer groups? For this research, I collected the data by two ways primary data and secondary data. In the primary data collection is specifically with the Children, parents and school teachers using the structured interview and focus group discussion. The secondary data collection from the governmental organization Reports and literature. However, the Vakarai children are deeply affected by the thirty years of war. Their need some form of the counseling and motivation program of the education.

Keywords: Eastern Reawakening, Northern Spring, School Education, Vakarai Children, Counselling

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