Page 20 – 34 | Moganashwari Kandasamy, Melor Md Yunus, Muhammed Amin Embi

DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.22.02


This is a case study involving four ESL primary school teachers in a rural area. The study intends to explore the ESL teachers pedagogical content knowledge in relation to knowledge of curriculum and knowledge of learners. Methods employed in investigating the teachers pedagogical content knowledge is in relation to semi structured interview, observations and document analysis. The data was analyzed using the Atlas ti. application for systematic analysis. The findings revealed that not all the participants in this study was well versed with the curriculum. Nevertheless, the participants were able to construe what is in the syllabus and could conduct the lesson. However, there was not intense output from the teachers to students based on the content taught. The lesson was carried out on the surface level. As for knowledge on learners, the teachers took into consideration the students background and were concern of the students’ learning problems. The learning problems had been identified by the teachers and measures were taken to resolve the issue. Therefore, the lessons were geared towards students’ ability and the previous knowledge of students. The study recommends the pedagogues to instill the 21st century learning skills efficiently to enhance students learning English in the rural context.

Keywords: ESL Teachers, Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Curriculum, Learners

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