Page 57 – 69 | Muhammad Hafeez , Rozita Arshad

DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.22.05


Social entrepreneurship is a global phenomenon spreading around the world. The emergence of social entrepreneurship proves that it is able to find a better solution for social problems or issues or challenges that arise in the countries via its change agent known as social entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs play a vital role in promoting sustainable and equitable social and economic impacts towards the nations. They are focusing on creating sustainable public wealth rather than just private wealth and business performance. Nevertheless, until today, the social entrepreneurs still have some difficulties in attracting and retaining quality human talent and manpower in delivering social impact towards communities. Due to that, it is important to understand the social entrepreneurship intention among youth in Malaysia and highlight the significant determinants of social entrepreneurship intention. This present study, thus, attempts to understand the tendency of youth in choosing social entrepreneurship as a career path. This study is hopefully can enhance the understanding of social entrepreneurship and specifically social entrepreneurship intention in Malaysia.

Keywords: Social Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship Intention, Social Entrepreneurs

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