Page 66 – 75 | Muhammad Hafeez , Rozita Arshad

DOI: 10.30690/ijassi.21.05


This paper develops an instrument to measure government contractual programs in halal cosmetic and personal care industry. Based on substantive literature reviews on the transaction costs theory, our proposed instrument includes government contractual programs as the element to measure the development Halal cosmetic and personal care industry. To validate the instrument, the data were collected through a survey among 50 respondents from top management (director, managers, and executives) in cosmetic and personal care companies. The data then were analyzed through exploratory factor analysis (EFA). The result found three stable dimensions to measure contractual government programs (regulation programs, inducement programs, innovation programs). This study provides and presents the importance of the role government contractual support programs in growing the development Malaysia Halal Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry.

Keywords: Instrument, Government Contractual Programs, Halal Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry

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