Page 46 – 66 | Li Keng Boon, Firdaus Azmin


Perceived risk from Generation Y has been considered as a fundamental concern during the process of performing online purchasing behaviour. Perceived risk is marked by Generation Y with the potential danger of information and financial loss in the experience of purchasing online, where the result of online customer satisfaction may not meet their expectations. The main purpose of this research paper is to examine and test the influences of perceived risks, which include six dimensions of financial risk, product risk, time risk, delivery risk and information security risk, on Generation Y’s online purchasing behaviour. To achieve the experiments and results of the hypotheses of this paper, the researcher collecting the data with the method of questionnaire distribution in among public universities in Malaysia, where 423 students who have a better knowledge of online purchasing environment, as the sample size, participated in this research activity. Data analysis was conducted by utilizing SPSS 22 and SmartPLS 2.0. This study might provide online business retailers and online markets with the report that explains and describes the status and condition of the consumers’ perceived risks related to purchasing online, in order to generate the accordingly marketing strategies coping with their target consumers in the specific region.

Keywords: E-commerce, Online Purchasing Behaviour, Generation Y, Perceived Risk

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